Monday, July 25, 2011


The Wheelchair Project is picking up speed and lots of people are coming up with wonderful, creative ideas to help. Check out some of the events that have happened or will be happening soon:

Several of the young women held a bake sale last week to raise money for an all-terrain wheelchair and even though the temperature reached nearly triple digits that afternoon, they made their goal thanks to the hard work of those who helped by baking goodies, buying goodies, and otherwise supporting their efforts. Hooray!

The Becketts river house auction raised $450 for the cause. That's between 4-6 wheelchairs!

The Montierths are giving up their housekeeper and skipping soda for a month and donating that money to the cause.

Savanna and Patrick Carlisle are taking orders for fresh baked brownies. Just give them 24 hours notice and they can whip some up for you whether you have an event or just a chocolate craving. They're getting brownie orders for everything from girls' night outs to baptism refreshments!

The Haggards are donating the proceeds from one week of their super fun math camp to the wheelchair cause.

Emma and Tess Larsen were great mom's helpers and earned some cash for the fund, so call them if anyone needs to keep their little ones occupied for a few hours while getting things done.

As a reminder, if you have recycling you'd like to cash in on, just bag it, label it with your  name, and leave it at the Gerdts' home and Brother Gerdts will take out to his recycling facility and bring back the money for you. It's a better rate than the local recycling centers. :)

Coming soon: A massive date night for couples who'd like to spend a fun evening socializing and donate the cost of a normal date night to their wheelchair funds!

Keep the great ideas and success stories coming! Good ideas inspire more good ideas!

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