Monday, July 25, 2011


The Wheelchair Project is picking up speed and lots of people are coming up with wonderful, creative ideas to help. Check out some of the events that have happened or will be happening soon:

Several of the young women held a bake sale last week to raise money for an all-terrain wheelchair and even though the temperature reached nearly triple digits that afternoon, they made their goal thanks to the hard work of those who helped by baking goodies, buying goodies, and otherwise supporting their efforts. Hooray!

The Becketts river house auction raised $450 for the cause. That's between 4-6 wheelchairs!

The Montierths are giving up their housekeeper and skipping soda for a month and donating that money to the cause.

Savanna and Patrick Carlisle are taking orders for fresh baked brownies. Just give them 24 hours notice and they can whip some up for you whether you have an event or just a chocolate craving. They're getting brownie orders for everything from girls' night outs to baptism refreshments!

The Haggards are donating the proceeds from one week of their super fun math camp to the wheelchair cause.

Emma and Tess Larsen were great mom's helpers and earned some cash for the fund, so call them if anyone needs to keep their little ones occupied for a few hours while getting things done.

As a reminder, if you have recycling you'd like to cash in on, just bag it, label it with your  name, and leave it at the Gerdts' home and Brother Gerdts will take out to his recycling facility and bring back the money for you. It's a better rate than the local recycling centers. :)

Coming soon: A massive date night for couples who'd like to spend a fun evening socializing and donate the cost of a normal date night to their wheelchair funds!

Keep the great ideas and success stories coming! Good ideas inspire more good ideas!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Wonderful Ideas for Earning and Saving Wheelchair Money

Scroll down the blog to find links to the touching videos explaining the origins of of wheelchair project. 

Several members of the ward have already come up with some fantastic ideas to save/raise money for a wheelchair this summer. Read through and see if any of these spark some great ideas for you!

Rich Gerdts -  Rather than just pay for the wheel chair, I am trying to give up something so that I can reach the goal.  I typically take the toll road to and from work.  It saves time but does cost money.  So I've been using alternative routes to get to work.  Rather than pay the toll I am contributing the value of the toll each time I do not use the toll road.  In addition, I am recycling...........Don't know if you are aware but I have an ownership interest in a recycle business in Fontana.   We pay more that OC companies.  If anyone wants to drop off recycle goods at my house, bag them, and put their names on the bags I'd be happy to transport and pay them (can just leave on the porch or side yard  at 3 Via Belmonte, RSM).  I go to Fontana 3 or 4 times a month.  Lastly, Karen and I eat out Friday or Saturday night each weekend.  We've decided to stay home 1 weekend a month and contribute the value of the meal.

Kim Johnson - My daughter, Alyssa, has personally accepted this challenge and has been doing some things that are helping her meet her goal of $86.  So far she has been recycling bottles and cans, selling snacks and water at her dance studio and she also e-mailed some family and friends asking for donations.  She is a little ahead of her $8.60 per week goal so I have no doubt that she will reach her goal of $86 by September.  Thanks for giving her this opportunity to help others!  
Alison Bennett - regarding the humanitarian project, I wanted to share with you a few things.  I know the Adams family has held 2 lemonade stands and made quite a bit of $ towards the wheelchairs.  I believe that the Price family did the same thing, but I am not sure of the details.  The Primary children are really excited and getting into it.  I am having one child/family come up in Primary each week to share what they are doing to earn $ and share ideas. 

Also, for family home evening a few weeks ago we talked about the project and then our family baked cookies. The next day the kids sat out front and had a "cookie stand" and sold cookies to the neighbors.  Then when we went swimming later in the day, we took the poster and extra cookies to the pool and sold more there.  We are also collecting bottles and cans.  So far we have filled up 3 garbage bags full!  We are planning to drop them off at a recycle center tomorrow.  The kids have really caught the spirit of this project!  Every time they find a penny on the ground, or a dime on the floor of the car, or loose change anywhere they put it in our jar.  They have also each committed to contributing some of their own money (from babysitting or the tooth fairy or whatever).  

Shondi Partiridge - Well. We don't have a lot of money, so we teamed up w/ the Bennetts.  Johnny and I are having a garage sale/ lemonade stand. If there are any free lemons, we would love to use them. :)  I also received a very small insurance settlement, so I have put aside 10% for wheelchairs.  I know the Bennetts have been saving loose change in a jar since last year. The Bennett kids want to use the money for wheelchairs as well.   

Beckett  Family- Beckett Boys will host a one day back yard camp for children with swimming and activities. Geralene is willing to take hair clients for the summer and all money will be donated to the wheel chair mission. As a family we will also auction off a trip to our vacation home on the Colorado River for August 23rd - 27th.