Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Alone we can do so little .... Together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

Our tri-ward Humanitarian Day was a fantastic success thanks to the hard work and generosity of all of YOU!

  • Through your efforts the lives of more than 1,214 men, women, and children will be touched by good. 
  • That doesn't even count the hundreds of pounds of clothing and the several dozen people who will benefit from donations to the Laguna Beach Homeless Resource Center!

Look at what you did, you wonderful people!

Dresses for Africa - 75
Britches for Africa - 30

Layette gowns - 40

Receiving Blankets - 35

Shoes for Japan - 181 pair
DI - approx. 30 boxes/bags donated
Homeless shelter - 3 large boxes from donation station full of hygiene items

Quilts tied - 3

Neck coolers for military assembled - 800

Letters written to missionaries/military approx 50

Red Cross had an excellent preparedness presentation and Nancy Kraus, who recently visited Africa on a medical mission shared her moving experiences.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Even EASIER Dresses for Africa tutorial!

Thank you to Annette Flint of the Aliso Creek Ward who did a little research and found an even easier way of doing the little pillowcase-style dresses for those of us who are sewing challenged. This involves inexpensive yardages of fabric to make dresses for African children.

Here are the YouTube tutorials you can follow. For the pillowcase dress pattern, click here:

For the tutorial on the French seam, click here:

Annette also adds the following note regarding measurements:

I didn't want to buy this ladies dress pattern online so I just winged the measurements myself.  If people want to make the same size dress I did then here are my measurements:

Length: 21"
Width: 17"
Armholes: After folding the garment in half I did 2" in and 5 1/2" down.  I then just hand drew a curve connecting the two measurements like she does in the video. 

Make sure you use an ironing board and starch if you plan on using this pattern, I couldn't do it without them.

Thanks, Annette!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Join Us for our Tri-Ward Humanitarian Day!

On Tuesday, May 17 we're going to be working to do some good in the world ALL DAY. We're going from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and it's all about giving of our time, talents, or both to help those who really need us.

What can you do? We bet you can find something on this list that fits your abilities or interests. We just need you to donate an hour or two to make MAGIC happen.

Donations of Time and Talent:

1. Can you greet and direct people to stations? (2-hour shift)
2. Can you cut, pin, or even sew light dresses and boys' britches for Africa?
3. Can you cut, pin, or even sew layette gowns for Japan?
4. Can you tie a quilt?
5. Can you write a letter to our armed service men and women? What about our missionaries?

Donations of Goods:

1.Shoes for Japan (any size--Soles4Soles)
2. Gently used clean clothes (any size--Deseret Industries)
3. Bath towels (new or used--Laguna Beach Homeless Resource Center)
4. Hygiene item - shampoo (any size), soap, razors, toilet paper, tooth brush, toothpaste as well as men's white athletic socks (Homeless Center)
5. Receiving blankets, layette gowns (no snaps or buttons), quilts - full or queen size and cash/check donations (to LDS humanitarian Aid)

Donation of Supplies: (Please let a member of your Relief Society know if you have these items)

1. Fabric: flannel, fleece, cotton prints, stretch knits, 
2. Notions: batting, bias tape, thread, batting, yarn, inch and 1-inch elastic. 
3. Pillow cases

How to find the patterns for the projects

Here are some links to the groups we're helping. Go check them out:

Click here to check out Little Dresses for Africa:

Click here for the pattern to the layette gowns for Japan. These only need "easy level"  sewing skills:

Click here for the pattern for tie quilts. Full and Queen size are especially needed:

Check out where our donations are going.

Have you ever wondered about where your donations go once you drop them off? Do you wonder who benefits? Check out these links to see who the items we collect will be helping:

Laguna Beach Homeless Resource Center:,11677,2022-1,00.html